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Babble breaks


Learning a language enables you to communicate. I give you the opportunity to do it in context so that you are able to practice and anchor your experience in real life situations. ​



1 free trial

1 session CHF 30.-

5 sessions CHF 140.-

10 sessions CHF 250.-


The smart coffee break to practice speaking French for an hour in a constructive, stimulating and friendly environment. Check out our calendar to find the dates, times and places of the meetings (see list of venues). 

Take advantage of your free trial or buy a package of 5 or 10 sessions on the packages and rates page. Use the booking page, the member area or the dedicated app to  register for the session you chose or manage your bookings.


Too difficult? Send me an email, an SMS or a WhatsApp message.


Let me know you are coming at least 24 hours in advance. Minimum 2 people for the session to take place and maximum 4/5 to allow confortable conversations. 



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